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By Gabriel Thy • Uncategorized • 1 Mar 2008

Artist preparing wall space at Artomatic

Originally published April 8, 2007

WITH ONLY THREE AYS left until the hanging deadline, I began painting my 2007 Artomatic nearly 180 square foot of space along two walls of a small room I share with an artist named Paula Bruening in the Old Patent Office at 2121 Crystal Drive in Arlington. The view from Room 6A43 (Sixth floor, Aisle A, Room 43) spans eastward toward the control tower at Reagan National.

For covering the old existing beige paint, I chose a signature charcoal graystone with a rough texture, and will trim it out in black before I actually hang my work on Wednesday. My wife charged into action today to keep me company and run the occasional errand. Her help was invaluable, and both our bodies are aching tonight for our efforts

Since this is my first Artomatic, and knowing the event will run for five weeks, I am somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the project, not my own small exhibit so much, but given the enormous number of participants, reckoning with the sheer variety of creative content should surely be a learning experience. I shall be snapping pictures, shooting video, and soaking it all up, so that the next Artomatic won’t catch me short of inspiration.

The most unfortunate aspect of this wonderful and challenging extravaganza is that it opens on the same weekend as the annual two-day 52 O Street Open Studios, again, my first time particpating in the latter event, as well. This of course, encourages intrigue and exasperation with regards to which work should stay in studio and which should go to wheeling off to Arlington. Tough choices must be made.

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