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By Gabriel Thy • Artist, Deadly Arts, Security • 5 Sep 2010
Kurt Westergaard

Dutch Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard

To be clear, we are NOT saying that Westergaard is as cowardly as most. He has had his life and that of his granddaughter seriously put in jeopardy. But the fact remains that the artist community has remained dsespicably silence in light of the Islamic threats upon speech and conscience, not to mention life itself.

Mohammed's Turban BombIT’S A DAMN SHAME, and a sign of these cowardly politically stupid times, that Dutch cartoonist Kurt Westergaard has few defenders twenty years after the howl from the intellectual class over the issuing of Salman Rushdie’s fatwa twenty years earlier. The street murders of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh barely raised an eyebrow.

How many deranged Muslim assassins will it take before we call Islam to shame?

Westergaard is not staying silent, but most of the Western media is, although the current NYC GZ mosque controversy is raising the bar on how far any of the major players can continue to play Michael Bloomberg’s dangerous game

After narrowly escaping a crazed Islamic ax killer’s attempt on his life at his own home in the middle of the night, Westergaard has remained steadfast in his refusal to bow before his detractors, yet the discernably mute response from the global art culture strikes at the heart of the matter. Everyone is afraid.

Westergaard had backed off a bit with his courageous rhetoric, issuing the usual dhimmi apologies, but since the attack at his home has stepped up where again his activism against the scourge that has become Islamic Europe…

We applaud him.

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