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Starting From Scratch In Wheeling

By Gabriel Thy • Art Theory, Artist, Literary Observation, Studio, Wheeling • 1 Mar 2008

This past weekend I was back at the Wheeling Wailing Wall, not with brush and acrylics this time, but for a post-wedding reception party for my young friends—Justin and Laura Wilson—who were bethrothed that St. Patrick’s Day afternoon in a traditional Catholic ceremony at the St. James Chapel in McMechen.

It had snowed rather briskly the afternoon prior, as we barrelled forth from DC in the new Liberty Renegade, from Hagerstown beyond Frostsburg, but to my chagrin, all points westward toward Wheeling had only been dusted. Still, a somewhat edgy but safe trip.

Wheeling Wall

As I stared down the cruel wall past the folks gathered to crank on the snarling four metal band celebrations, I realized I still carried a strong desire to finish this seminal work on the Wailing Wall, someday soon perhaps, should adequate funds ever materialize, but those young Turks—Chuck & Raj—will definitely have to step up to the plate if the future is to change. Measuring some 80′ x 11′ the mural wall is about 90% completed, a massive piece as she stands, but abruptly unfinished nevertheless.

And this, dear reader, was my first blog about art, as humble as it is, published on another blog service nearly a year ago. My recent frustration with that service has finally reached the boiling point, and today I have decided I am moving back to the service from which you read these words. I was saved by the polished look of the other service, and without understanding what went wrong with that approach, I have abandoned aesthetics for functionality. Editing text, and keeping those edits in place, had become sheer madness. I know know when precisely things broke down, but something went terribly wrong, and who among us has time to struggle with a persnickety HTML editor.

So here I am, a few old posts to recall the foundation, then onward into the sublime world of serious art as crucial adversary worthy of these crucial times.

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