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By Gabriel Thy • Literary Observation, Money In The Arts, Outsider • 29 Sep 2013


Taking Liberties

Below are two excerpts from a piece I received from a woman named Elizabeth Hillyer. These types of art groups are popping up every day, but in an art saturated world, only the young have time for this sort of jolly journey. Nearing sixty, those days have passed me by. I cherish those years when I too held hope of fitting into or launching an idea that would reach across the Internet to build a community of like-minded individuals who would actually co-operate with each other with enough energy and inertia to make a difference in their own legacies.

 Ego in art means something different to every individual. The idea of “awe” has evoked some very interesting, thought-provoking discussion about the role of the self in art and how collaboration could impact both the art industry and the world as a whole. Indeed, the discussion has highlighted the fact that there are many freedoms that we take for granted in today’s age; we are fortunate to have the liberty to dissect ideas in this way. 

However, allow me to be blunt. I am under the considerable impression that as a creator I peaked too soon, that I was born a decade too early or quite as probably ten years too late for my own sensibilities, and that I wasted too much time in other fruitless ventures to make this bustling era of ubiquitous social media worth my efforts in such an unforgiving way as to turn away from what I am now doing, in clearing the deck, gathering my past into a clear specimen jar, writing my memoirs, counting my chickens, so to speak.

 As an expressive artist myself, I really like the idea of collaborating on pieces of art with other artists. We will be starting a LinkedIn group in the next week or so and putting up a website with a dedicated email with more information, together with a mission statement over the next few weeks. 

Elizabeth – thank you for the invitation and the detailed introduction to your organization. However, my problem is that I feel I cannot represent my own work beyond the task of writing about it, other art, and other vexing snatches of memory. Ergo, I am not a competent, therefore I loathe the role of salesperson, particularly of my own work, period. That’s my version of Art Without Ego…

So, if you will please excuse me my shortcomings, I’ll probably just sit on the sidelines as you build your community.

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