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By Gabriel Thy • Uncategorized • 29 Apr 2008

THE ANNUAL 52 O STREET Open Studios event was a riveting success for the building. if not specifically in terms of sales for some of us. However, the electric energy and upbeat response both days from the visiting public of record turnout was shared by all.

Commented one artist in the building just this morning, “I am still so jazzed about the turnout and having so many new faces in my studio. I am grateful for the new interest in my work, compliments of your friends and collectors. There was a general feeling from the visitors that ‘O’ Street is a happening place. I couldn’t agree more.”

I was initially thrilled by the response to my own work, having sold a few smaller prints and tiny paintings, and was inspired by the idea that I had finally found comfort among the breeds and was no longer working against the winds that were always changing. One of my six large drawings on paper from 1984 elicited lots of positive attention. More smaller pieces from that same period were lauded far beyond any expectations of the day when they were created. Several larger canvases are still potential sales.

But it seems I have created somewhat of a scandal with a recently completed large piece. I now realize I must step back, and bring my theories of both art in general and those influencing my own work into clear focus. And I must also revisit an earlier idea of mine. Since we have inherited the observation that a picture is worth a thousand words, and the art consumer, dealer, and critic all seem to require in this DIY Age that the artist nee businessman must dance to a requisite tune, while weaving a charming story for their entertainment and edification, I feel the composition might as well be politely considered, committed to media and presented in a fine light persuasive to the work. So be it. By the will of the people, I will tighten up my affairs before I again open myself up to whatever the world seems fit to do with me.

My populist notions have seen better days. So now is not the time to return to half-measures. I have a few thoughts I’m just itching to implement.

© 2008, Gabriel Thy. All rights reserved.

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