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By Gabriel Thy • Uncategorized • 27 Apr 2008

THANKS CHAR—actually our event continues today, but I understand.

Yesterday was a smashing success. Quite a few “big money” collectors were in the building, in the words of my mentor here. In fact, one of my several large “magic marker” drawings from the 1984 captured gratifying purchase talk from several “serious” collectors, but I had to delay any sale simply because I had not expected to sell the drawing which I have only recently had glue-mounted after years of being folded up in a box, and I needed to confer with that mentor for suitable pricing. It may actually fetch $3500-$5000. Amazing. Or it could just be another near miss, but by the end of the shift it was one long blitzkrieg of anxiety and exhileration.

52 O Street Studios is well-known in the DC art scene, so the annual open studios event does draw respectively well for a transitional location. Today should be a formidable encore.

And yes, I do occasionally mount a grudge against the powers. I mean, after all, ART is a contact sport, and when’s the last time the art scene has been full body tackled, scenewashed, and then hung out to dry for its own good?

Oh, and thanks so much for the latest “rock” necklace. I’m wearing it today for the first time. My “public” is forcing me to “rock harder” so I suppose I might as well dress even more the part. Trust all is well with your own health and business. Give our love to Skip.

(Since he was so kind as to give us his flu back in March! Ha!)

Cheers and rising circumstances,


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