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Why I Love Facebook: A Simple Statement

By Gabriel Thy • Art Theory, Artist, Literary Observation • 27 Jun 2012

Horse by Connecticut Artist Tina Duryea

I visit my own dirty dozen every day. I keep threatening to vacate FB, but I keep up the faith I suppose because I like the interaction, no matter what the critics say about its general uselessness. For a writer and an artist who does not commit without the struggle for veracity, Is posting on FB any different than talking on the phone? Of course it is, in many ways it is better. Among mature users, it has brought back extended networking and communication skills however lightheartedly mundane or heavily barstool to people who otherwise ache for friendship, an escape from temporal isolation.

I know you Tina Duryea in a gentle way, not because we spent a few short face to face minutes at some gallery or drinking party, but because we have had the occasion to follow each other’s pitfalls and passions via the written word in a venue which also allows us photographic and time-marked accentuation. All this camaraderie is why I still love Facebook, although as a creator, my blogs are as much “the work I do” as painting or carrying on a conversation here among friends and foes alike…but I just can’t seem to generate visitors to my blogs, so I still cling bitterly to my Facebook, and my guns…

Your art is magnificent.

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