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By Gabriel Thy • Artist, Studio • 24 Jun 2008

RECOVERING NICELY, METHINKS. Still hobbling on weak leg, after torn miniscus surgery eight days ago, but am back to about where I was just before the surgery, so hopefully it’s clear sailing to pain free walking from here.

Sue, with the help of an artist we met at Artomatic, broke down my space on the first day of de-installation. Thanks, though for the offer of help.

Kicking up at the last rites of Artomatic 2008, drinking with Sesow and Dana, eh? Well, Sue and I tossed back a few with fellow 52ers—Peter Harper, Adam Eig, and Luke Idsiak—before getting there nearly too late for party favors that Friday night. Ended up hanging with Tariq Rafiq, that new artist friend I just mentioned, up at his space on the 12th floor, closing the place down at 2 AM.

Good luck on the appointment. Meteoric rise through the ranks! Does this mean that you are not a voting member of the board in the interim? Anyways, what do I need to do to formally apply for membership? I’ve been anxiously awaiting some news on that front since our little chat at the Mayorga a couple of months ago.

A Facebook contact I know in name only just wrote me a one liner: Do you have any Work that is framed and ready to be hung? I wrote back saying, “well, uh, yes I do but the question is where and when.”

Such informality is perplexing to me, but I’m still in the game I suppose.

From another rude corner of the universe, I just received a return message from some mystery tramp saying only to email him (her) at some new address she (he) posted. That is all that was written.

. Obviously a case of mistaken identity. Where is the literacy in this new crowd of supposed movers and shakers? Email what? I can’t read these heavy minds, and I so vigorously loathe this tug of war game that everybody seems to play, hiding behind minimal communication skills, I must suppose, aiming to gauge the gullibility factor of the prospective fish on the hook.

And then yesterday I was asked by phone to be interviewed by National Public Radio (NPR). But I wasn’t in studio, and after learning why I wasn’t, she said she didn’t think it was worth my while to try to get down to 52 O with only an hour advance notice. I was to be one of three interviews she said, but Stevens [Carter] later said others also were added once the crew got to the building. So I lost out on another rather ample bit of publicity which was building-wide and I, so highly recommended if I am to understand her correctly, am cast to the wind with the ease of a soft vowel.

Pulling teeth, dead in the water, strange karmic odor…

But best of luck, Marina, with your own shooting star,


P.S. So I presume you aren’t looking to check out the new studio, to see if you want a corner, and general run of the place, or anything like that. Not that I am really looking for someone, but I did promise you an opportunity if you wanted one. I fill the space rather nicely, but I certainly have room for a compatible spirit from the world of paint. If you are no longer interested, please tell me so I can close that particular book for now.

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