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By Gabriel Thy • Art Criticism, Artist, Deadly Arts, Studio • 10 Oct 2010
Sesow's Walk

Front row: Dan Ellyn, Matt Sesow, Chris Shott, Sue Hedrick

Two painters, a writer, a collector, an accountant such strident deals and friends called, photographed by someone who passes for them all.

YEAH, SHOTT, WE MET a couple of times, first when breathing the air around the Matt Sesow gang, at Matt’s Adams Morgan studio, and then months later one sticky hot August night (requisite nod to the fabulous Neil Diamond) at a MOCA closing party in Georgetown.

You and your woman blew off my own show opening the next week after promising, but hey, I’m still a big guy, and I’d like to whisk you off to my network beneath the fold on LinkedIn.

Admitting the enormous amount of time and stress spent troubleshooting code over the years since I began painting more in earnest, I’ve asked myself why I don’t use Facebook as much to post and store images. Beyond the well-publicized skirmishes over ownership theory over there under somebody else’s thumb, I guess the raw truth is I just like to code, preferring to display my own work under my own banner within the loose parameters of my own skill sets.

Nothing against the Facebook kids. The team over there has kept a clean, classy and rather beautiful design despite its sometimes initially infuriating “upgrades” since I joined it in 2007, an impressive stretch when factoring in its enormous growth since then. Appreciating its post-collegiate arrival onto the global cyberscene, the Project dumped the ugly, pernicious, underserviced framework at MySpace immediately.

But that’s got to be it. Beyond the lure of beautiful design stylings, I confess to being a mere slave to my urge to effing CODE! Code is poetry. And I have techie needs. Keeping the hacks fresh, contemporary, and ready to go just in case some freelance job lands in my lap is a great motivation. Business has all but evaporated yet one never knows when the winds of fortune may smile…

After all, it’s all madness in the end.

—Gabriel Thy

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