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Room For Criticism

By Gabriel Thy • • 27 Oct 2010
Modern criticism, native animosity.

Modern criticism, native animosity.

The nominal saying, “There’s always room for criticism” brings to mind the sorry application of modern warfare, a not so humble pie of explosive tactics planned out carefully to strike the light fandango with a splashy display of fancy names like Shock & Awe and Operation Desert Storm, yet is but another hyped up war of homegrown visceral destruction tethered around the fringes of a distant enemy we don’t even try to conquer in proper terms. Pure skullduggery. Packaged and sold as a limited series of social experiments that usually piddles out into a clipped glimpse of awkward if not unquestionably incompetent nation-building strategies chained to an arbitrary magnitude of unfinished business…

Is this the same nature of the current art culture? Looking around the junkyard of popular testimony it seems we have abandoned the functionality of the familiar room for the chaotic guesswork of a global Cat 5 hurricane.

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