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By Gabriel Thy • Uncategorized • 2 Mar 2008

Gabriel’s work in Antagonist Show, centered around For Denmark

Originally published on September 9, 2007

IN NEW YORK CITY, on Thursday September 6, I showed a few antagonistic paintings in a tiny sweltering East Village basement. Highlights included a long chat with a New York poet named Julian Stockdale about the enigmatic state of literature from the perspective of Generation Z still searching for its own voice, networking with a fellow who owns and operates the same image press I’ve had my eye on for some time now, and the pride of beautiful young fancies who flashed this old poet and painter a smile or two.

Then there were the three young folks from Denmark who spent several long stints staring at my large centerpiece called FOR DENMARK, which is a painting I whipped out in a mere fifteen minutes in a bluster over the Cartoon Rage going on in Europe and across the Islamic world on February 12, 2006. The three Danes, two young guys and a gal, approached me at one point to confirm their interpretation of the work, thanking me for the peace. Well, a Christ-figure complete with stigmata and tears of blood, two fishes painted in a corner and a Jewish bagel popping up from a toaster, and the words FOR DENMARK etched in red across the background renders the explanation rather bluntly, doesn’t it?

There was some talk of an Antagonist Movement Berlin gallery which interested me for some swirl down the road, and I even sold a couple packs of postcards to two NYC artists…

Shout out to Alex (girl in photo above), Scott, Tom, Julian, Kari, Ted, Un, Ethan and Liberty Sue, each for your generosity of spirit…

If you are a MySpace member you can view more pictures here.

© 2008, Gabriel Thy. All rights reserved.

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