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By Gabriel Thy • Uncategorized • 2 Mar 2008

AFTER REVIEWING the previous blog entry, I am pleased to note there seems to be a notable exception to my previous comment. And while many may speculate that it is always easier to comment upon one’s own culture and whatknots, it cannot be overlooked that Islamic insiders don’t often have the same luxury of criticizing the inner workings of its own culture than many others do. So in that regard, this particular artist’s reputation should be considered even more profound.

Sarah Maple is a British artist. Sarah Maple is also a Muslim. Here’s an interesting link to an interview of a young British Muslim, who also happens to be an artist named Sarah Maple who questions with audacity and style the conflicting aspects of her own identity.

Excellent interview. An intelligent woman, and exquisite rising young artist, Maple’s talent, humility, and intensity of spirit should take her far.

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