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Certainly, August 8, 2007, was a fine day in the life of this particular painter. The American Visionary Museum in Baltimore, MD purchased some of my art in postcard form. It’s not that big a deal, yet, but it’s a great start. Shows promise of things to come, perhaps. I’ll write up the full story in the near, but right now I’ve got to head out to buy some crab meat for the crab dressing cassarole I sling together for events like this awesome pig roast some heavy rocker friends and their roller derby girls are hosting this afternoon.

But check out the museum. It’s on the map. And now, in some small way, so am I.

  • Update: Friday, March 2, 2012
  • It was a great afternoon. Fellow painters, Peter Harper and Marina Reiter crawled into my Jeep and we drove the forty mile trip from DC to Baltimore. Neither of them are considered outsiders, having the advantage or disadvantage of art school training under their belts. We first grabbed some light lunch at the Fell’s Point mainstay—Bertha’s Mussels before heading down to AVAM. Marina is originally from Russia, still has lots of family there, and I recall that I was a bit shy about blurting out that I had done a painting, a portrait of the tragic Russian Bolshevik poet—Vladimir Mayakovsky. I won’t burden my readers with a Mayakovskian sketch. I had been so taken with the Larry Rivers majestic construct of the A History of the Russian Revolution that the first time I saw it at the Hirschorn when I was visiting the city during the summer of 1983, I scribbled the poem Rivers had painted onto the large installation into the blank pages of the tattered copy of Henry Miller‘s The Cosmological Eye the youthful I was packing with me everywhere at the time…

    Larry Rivers

    A History Of The Russian Revolution

    She was still quietly shy at that point in our first meeting, and nodded in awkward appreciation of my tale of how I first faced Mayakovsky. Neither of my colleagues were aware of Rivers, and I quietly returned to my reuben sandwich. Marina at that time was still painting in her apartment off Florida Avenue while Peter and I each worked from studios at the thriving 52 O Street Studios building.

    To be continued…


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