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By Gabriel Thy • Art Criticism, Art Theory, Deadly Arts, Literary Observation • 30 Sep 2010

samplex 1984

12" x12" GT Repro

AND DON’T THESE SAME PEOPLE, UH, like that fellow up above (in the quantum cloud) with his nostrils sucking the dank air out of the family tree, collectively paint the Tea Party groups as hostile and racist and dangerous merely because perhaps some posturing infiltrator’s waving socially unsavory signs or else some lame congressman’s imagined he heard something akin to a racial slur, or even, woe to the heavens, yes, even a few fringe elements who don’t speak the British Queen’s English, have ALL turned out as flaming bigots of the lowest order by virtue of their opposition stance to these same people, when they are nothing of the sort, nothing I say, if not standard projections of these very same profane¬†people!

And now, he has the temerity to speak of, um, gay? Figures of speech slopped about like that are damned fine examples of, well, too many ink-soaked idiots trapped inside a wet paper bag grasping at straws instead of the good graces art has reminded us of the world we must transform into something less combustible.

Some words can morph and still remain a right delicious adjective. Gay in the English was once such a sound, worldly and sublime. Now it’s a battle ax.

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