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By Gabriel Thy • Art Criticism, Art Theory, Artist • 5 Jun 2012

Untitled by Gabriel Thy

Untitled (detail) by Gabriel Thy

The following is a snippet from a really slamming list of cerebral topics from artist Graham Matthews and his blog Artpromotivate that the artist should consider when blogging. This list is, of course, not a make or break list, but whether one is just getting started in one’s career or putting the finishing touches on a period in one’s career, this list can be a valuable resource in shifting one’s creative inertia from one’s own representational work to the infrastructure girding it.

103 Blogging Topics for Artists to Write About

  1. Artists you admire, and why.
  2. A recent painting, drawing, sculpture, etc. you are working on.
  3. Why you decided to become an artist.
  4. Topics about your art creation process.
  5. Lessons you have learned as an artist.
  6. Tips on art promotion.
  7. How you choose your painting palette.
  8. A slideshow of your art.
  9. Drawings from your sketchbook.
  10. Explain the inspiration or meaning behind artworks.
  11. Write about a historical artist you admire (Van Gogh, Rembrandt, etc.).
  12. Write opinions about a post you saw on another art blog.
  13. Highlight contemporary artists you admire.

Read it all.

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