But I Thought You Were A Dishwasher

By Gabriel Thy • Art Theory, Artist • 28 Oct 2013


Barry’s Older Brother

But I thought you were a dishwasher. You’d have to know how many times I’ve been personally insulted by those who wish to put me in a box, suggesting I’d have to choose a primary discipline, or perhaps pack it all away as mere hobby so to try the role of teaching—I suppose for the advantage of a paycheck, as if choosing to do something else for a season or a day is forbidden or indicates failure of one’s distinct creative purpose, and it would be better to teach others for money than to continue learning new things myself for nothing. I find this creative singularity so contrary to the historical record that I am speechless how it remains in the so-called well-intentioned lexicon of those who think they have your best interests in mind.

Here is an article I found which exposes how silly that impression can be.

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