Alex Roehner


Another invitation to New York City. This time Alex is showing big, really big in the RAW Apple of her youth. There's always something to be said about going home, Wolfe be damned. Nice. brisk spring visitation to the Unreal City would be an awesome and much needed urban outing, Alex, but … Continue reading
samplex 1984


ND DON'T THESE SAME PEOPLE, UH, like that fellow up above (in the quantum cloud) with his nostrils sucking the dank air out of the family tree, collectively paint the Tea Party groups as hostile and racist and dangerous merely because perhaps some posturing infiltrator's waving socially unsavory … Continue reading


“In the last years of the boom, numerous artists came to the fore who have their aesthetic heads up the aesthetic asses of Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol, Richard Prince, Cady Noland, and Christopher Wool. They make punkish black-and-white art and ad hoc arrangements of disheveled stuff, … Continue reading