Before 52 O Street Studios

By Gabriel Thy • Deadly Arts, Wheeling • 1 Mar 2008


Wheeling Wailing Wall

In a flash of good luck, I found my current home at 52 O Street on the gritty heels of a rather short and aborted adventure in Wheeling, WV, where the only project I managed to complete (well, nearly) was an earnest locally-inspired 11′ x 80′ mural I call the Wheeling Wailing Wall along the 2nd floor corridor wall of a rock and roll club called Yesterday’s Draughthouse & Stage.

I look forward to returning to Wheeling next weekend for the wedding of two young friends, and convening another sweet stare at the Wall. Then there’s a hint of some secret aim to negotiate my return to finish it, and tackle a few other pending projects on the ore rusted bank of the once mighty Ohio River that are still calling my name. The haggard old city is begging my photographic eye.

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