FETCHING THAT A YOUNG FELLOW KEVIN SLAVIN ARGUES we’re living in a world designed for—and increasingly controlled by—algorithms. In this riveting talk from TEDGlobal, he shows how these complex computer programs determine: espionage tactics, stock prices, movie scripts, and architecture. And he warns that we are writing code we can’t understand, with implications we can’t control.

I dare suggest that has been the case all along. When has mankind ever been able to handle the processes by which he engages the universe? We creates problems then spend the next few generations solving problems, only to create more. But the New Scientist, the new priesthood, just like the old priesthood, in an attempt to maintain its own relevance, must continue to paint pretty and fearsome pictures which keep us in awe and in obedience…

Read it all. Be sure to read through the comments for dissenting remarks.


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